What to pack for your semester in Prague?

It’s finally happening. You’re getting ready for a semester abroad in the best university in Prague! Your parents are on board with this excellent plan. You’ve researched everything you might need to know about this beautiful European city, pre-planned your budget, even figured out where you want to travel for your first long weekend. All you have to do now is pack – and if this is your first semester in the Czech Republic, this is where you may need some help. Don’t try to stuff your entire life into your suitcase, especially since you probably don’t really know what’s waiting for you on your adventure. 

How to pack your suitcase for studying abroad in Prague?

The most common mistake is to bring too many clothes but forget the most comfortable and essential wardrobe items. Of course, you always can buy more clothes once you get here – but you’ll need to get another suitcase to take them home again! In addition, while studying abroad, you might want to prioritize spending your money on experiences instead of things. 

The weather in Prague is famously inconsistent. It rains quite often during fall and spring, and recent winters have been rather snowy, so think layers if you’re coming in winter. Czechs like to turn the heating up when it's cold out, so it’s best to dress in something you can easily take off inside and put back on when going out. Cardigans, sweaters, warm gilets, and scarves come in very handy here, and you should definitely bring a warm coat or synthetic-insulated parka jacket. Parkas weight less than wool coats, and won’t lose their shape in a vacuum bag. 

Most streets in Prague are cobbled – which may be very photogenic, but is not ideal for walking. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes, sneakers, and/or boots – and be sure that they aren’t too tight. Your feet are more likely to get cold in tight shoes because of compromised blood circulation, and it’s best to leave some space for warm socks. You will probably take the opportunity to go on multiple mini-breaks during your semester in Prague, and all that sightseeing means a lot of walking. 

Shampoos and other liquid products are heavy and take up space in your suitcase. Check to see if your preferred brands are sold at DM, Teta drogerie, Rossmann, Douglas, Sephora or the local pharmacies.  

Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet, but you might want to go swimming at some point. Prague has a good variety of water complexes, with indoor pools, saunas, and spas, so it makes sense to bring a swimsuit. Of course, you can buy a new one in any of Prague’s sporting goods stores such as Intersport, A3 Sport or Sportisimo.

If you are not a fan of e-books and prefer old-school printed books, you may be tempted to bring your library with you. However, please bear in mind that UNYP has just opened a brand-new and much bigger library across the street from the campus, and you can get a wide selection of books in English from Shakespeare and Sons, Neoluxor on Wenceslas square, the Globe, and Oxford bookshop. 

Last but not least, if you are coming to Prague from outside the EU, be sure to bring plenty of power adapters!

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