UNYP Social Media Contest

Rules for the competition appearing on the University of New York in Prague’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter timeline


1. The organizer of the contest appearing on the University of New York in Prague’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page is the University of New York in Prague, s.r.o., which is headquartered at Londýnská 506/41, Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague 2, and registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court of Prague, Section C, in File No. 60,332 (henceforth known as the “Organizer”).
2. The competitions aren’t sponsored by, administered by or affiliated with the Facebook, Instagram or social network in any way. Participants in the contests understand and acknowledge the fact that they are providing their information to the organizer of the competition and not the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter social network.

How to enter the contest

1. The contest will last from April 3rd, 2018 to May 18th, 2018.
2. The contest is open to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users who are UNYP students, alumni and attendees of the 20th Anniversary Gala.

3. To enter the contest, the contestant can post up to three photos, videos or boomerangs on each social media platform tagged with #UNYP20, for a total of nine posts. The contestant have to post the photos, videos or boomerangs on their public profile. UNYP staff are not allowed to enter.


1. Contest entries will be published using the profile name of the person as appears on their registered Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile. Winners will be randomly selected by the software program, Woobox, which will be used to monitor the contest.
2. Winners will be announced at the UNYP Anniversary Gala on May 18th. If the contestant is not present at the ceremony at the time of the announcement, the prize goes to the next winner.


1. The winning contestant will be advised regarding how to claim their prize at the event.
2. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or switched for prizes other than those determined by the competition organizer.
3. Winners have no legal claim to the prizes which could be enforced by law.
4. The prizes for the competition are a lease on a Renocar (the winner has to have a valid Czech address), a smartphone, 20 000 CZK holiday travel package from Pantour (cannot be used in July and August 2018), one year membership from Fitinn, and 5000 CZK voucher from OPUS usable at one time. All vouchers and memberships will have specified validity.

Rights and obligations of the organizer

1. In the case of a reasonable suspicion of fraud, abuse and/or mistakes relating to the process of the contest, the organizer reserves the right to close or suspend the competition, modify these conditions, announce that the declared winner is no longer considered valid, or without notice or compensation, block participation in the contest by those who don’t enter the competition in good faith.
2. The organizer is not responsible for the fact that participants enter an incorrect information. The organizer also isn’t responsible for other reasons why the participant didn’t receive their prize if these reasons are not the fault of the organizer.
3. If the organizers have a reasonable suspicion of fraudulent, dishonest or unfair actions on behalf of a participant or other people who helped the participant win, or if such conduct occurs, then the participant will be disqualified from the competition; this will also apply to other people who helped the participant win in a manner that is contrary to the competition rules or not in good faith.
4. Participation in the competition cannot be enforced by law.
5. The contest organizer reserves the right to change the parameters of the competition even while it is underway without notice.

Consent to the rules of the competition and the use of personal data

1. By participating in the contest, every participant confirms their agreement with the competition rules and that the organizer is entitled, in accordance with § 12 of the Act no. 40/1964 Coll., of the current Civil Code (henceforth “The Civil Code”) to use the participant’s name, surname and city in the media (as well as the internet), and the promotional and advertising materials of the organizer in association with the contest in addition to the information being taken and published as described above in audio and video recordings for a period of 5 years following the contest.
2. In accordance with the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., in the Law on Protection of Personal Data, as amended (henceforth the "Act on Protection of Personal Data"), each contestant grants the organizer consent to the inclusion their personal data and information located on the organizer’s Facebook page, for example personal data shared by the participant with the organizer during the contest such as their name, surname, permanent address in the Czech Republic and e-mail address (henceforth referred to as “data”), and further in the database of the organizer and its subsequent processing by the organizer for the purpose of evaluating the competition, publishing the results of the competition, for marketing and PR purposes of the organizer, ie. offering products or services, including sending information through electronic means according to Act no. 480/2004 Coll., and in order to prove consent to the processing of personal data for these purposes for an indefinite amount of time as well as the fact that these data can be associated with other data. Contestants acknowledge that according to § 11 and § 21 of the Act on Protection of Personal Data, they have the right to rescind their consent at any time without penalty by contacting the organizer listed in these rules as well as have the right to access their personal information and change the information, block incorrect information, delete the information, etc.
3. The personal data will be administered by the organizer in electronic form.  Protection of personal data will be arranged by the organizer.
4. If the participant doubts the adherence to the rules of the organizer, they have the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection, headquartered at Pplk. Sochora 27, Prague 7, PSČ 170 00. 
5. The contests aren’t sponsored by, administered by or affiliated with the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter social network in any way.  Participants in the contest understand and accept that they are providing their information to the organizer of the contest and not to the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter social network.
6. We will remove offensive photographs or photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks. We also restrict images of female breasts if they include the nipple.

Copyrights, licence

1. By submitting an entry to the contest the participant declares that they are the sole holder of all associated copyrights according to the copyright regulations outlined in the contest rules, ie. that they are the sole author of the photographic work. The participant declares that their contribution to the competition doesn’t use any work or objects protected under the intellectual property rights of other people and that the use of the photographs by the organizer in the competition does not violate the rights or interests of a third party and will not result in damages to the organizers/a third party, and if this does happen the participant accepts the responsibility to reimburse any damages to where they originated.  By sending a submission to the contest (the photograph), the participant provides the organizers with exclusive rights to use the submission as well as everything associated with it as per § 18 et seq. of the Copyright Act, including sharing the submission with the public in e-mails sent by the organizer with marketing messages, on the website of the organizer as well as in all other media including – print media, online media, television and radio as well as the distribution and reproduction of the submission in any form, for either promotional or other purposes without quantitative, time-based or territorial restrictions; the participant further consents to the subsequent post-production of the submission (the photograph), the connection of it with other works or the use of the work in collective audio-visual works as well as its use to the extent mentioned above; the participant consents to giving a license to use the work free of charge.
2. The organizer isn’t obliged to use the granted license.  The organizer is entitled to give the rights of the license either partially or wholly, to a third party (sublicense) free of charge or for a fee, or grant the license partially or wholly to a third party free of charge or for a fee.  Participants grant the organizer the right to publish the competition entry and agree that the contest submission, respectively their part in it, can be published without credit, even in cases where this is customary.

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