Master's Programs

Master's programs in Prague

UNYP offers accredited Master's programs in cooperation with noteworthy American and British universities.

Taught entirely in English and either in an intensive weekend studies format, to accomodate the needs of working professionals, or on a daily basis. These Master's programs are ideal for ambitious and aspiring professionals or for bachelor graduates who want a high quality international education in Prague that leads to an accredited American or European Master's degree.

Students who successfully graduate from our Master's courses receive their degrees directly from our partner Universities. The M.A. program in Psychology leads to a degree awarded by the University of New York in Prague. 


UNYP offers the following programs:


M.A. (Mgr.) in Psychology

 The Master of Arts in Psychology at the University of New        York in Prague provides a strong theoretical and practical    foundation in psychology and related subfields such as clinical psychology, health psychology and educational psychology. Graduates of the program will have obtained specific knowledge and professional competencies to work as independent psychologists and to pursue further education as well as qualifications in different fields of psychology, including research and academia. This study program complies with international requirements for the European Master’s diploma in Psychology and is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MŠMT) leading to the title Mgr.


M.Sc. in International Management

 The M.Sc. in International Management program, offered at UNYP    through the University of Bolton, is designed to give you an  advantage in an increasingly global employment market. The  program has been designed to equip you with the theoretical  foundations for an international business career. If you are a recent  graduate wishing to prepare more fully for a career in the business and management of international companies, then this Master's course will fulfill your requirements. In recent years graduates of this program have gone on to a wide range of management roles in the public, private, and voluntary sectors. Others have opted to commence studying for a research degree. Holders of an M.Sc. in International Management can apply for the status of Member (MCMI) or Fellow (FCMI) of the Chartered Management Institute. The point at which they are accepted will depend on factors other than qualifications, such as their responsibilities at work.


Master of Laws - LL.M. 

 The Master of Laws - LLM is offered in co-operation with the  University of Bolton. With the growing importance of world trade and  the global community, legal consultants are expected to look beyond  national jurisdictions and understand issues of european and  international law. The Master's program focuses on the legal framework  governing the european and international community, as well as various legal issues surrounding international trade and global markets. Employers now place a high premium on graduates with understanding for international corporate law issues.


M.A. in Strategic Communication

The Master's degree in Strategic Communication (SC) is offered in co-operation with the La Salle University, a highly ranked regional American university with a history of over 150 years. Students on the SC program study with instructors from the U.S. and Europe on a program that challenges students to build and develop the skills and theoretical understanding needed to work in key positions in a wide variety of private and public enterprises.  

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