Absolvent: Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2003
Kariéra: Management Coach

“For me, coaching is not about giving the answers. Coaching is about working together with my clients to uncover the answers they have within,” explains Monika.

Monika Hansson Tutter is an esteemed career woman, author, and entrepreneur. Currently, she works as a management coach, helping clients to reach their full potential in both their careers and their personal lives.

When thinking of her time at UNYP, she says, “The most valuable asset I gained at UNYP was connecting business with education. Studying there gave me insight into the different aspects of business, such as accounting and economics, and gave me exposure to companies that exist in the real world.”

After receiving her MBA in Brussels, Monika continued on to have a successful six year career journey with companies such as Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC in London, GE Money Bank in Prague, Vienna, and London, and, finally with Citibank in Prague.

In 2010, after living in different countries, off-and-on for several years, Monika reached a turning point. She decided that she wanted to take the life lessons she learned while living abroad and use them to help people in the Czech Republic.

“Outside the Czech Republic,” Monika explains, “I learned that people have self-confidence. I wanted to take the experience and bring it back to Prague. At one banking seminar, the discussion focused on mentoring versus coaching. I quickly fell in love with coaching and understood that I wanted to help people in this way.”

In 2014, Monika wrote the book I Am the Captain, where she details her transition from employee to entrepreneur, explaining the nuances and mindset she had to adapt in order to begin her career change. The book also includes coaching questions for those looking to make changes in their own lives.

“Studying at UNYP helped me by teaching me the skills to say what I want to say, to have my own opinions and elaborate on them freely. In starting your own business, it is important to understand to stand your ground,” Monika states.

Monika advises current UNYP students to, “Look around you. Be open to everything. If you know what you want, go for it. And whilst going for it, absorb everything. Never give up on your dreams.”

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