10 Prague Instagrammers Worth Following

What does your Instagram feed consist of these days? Fellow UNYP students, friends from back home? Your favorite brands and world-famous influencers?  Many people think that this platform can’t offer anything better than billions, if not trillions, of kittens, other people’s meals, and hidden (or not-so-hidden) ads. Although Instagram has all of the above, if you dig deeper, you can discover a lot of interesting accounts worth scrolling through—not because of their buzz and popularity, but because of the quality and uniqueness of their visual language. We have saved you some time and created this selection of ten Prague Instagrammers, whose images will show you an unusual perspective of familiar things and places. 

10 Prague Instagram accounts to make your feed a better place

If you live in Prague long enough, there is a good chance that your face has already made it into Michal Fanta's feed! This black and white Instagram account is all about accidental street scenes and intimate portraits of strangers. Michal is on top of his "decisive moment" photographic game. 

Jason Nam is a Prague-based Korean designer with an eye for photography.  His Instagram blog presents a well-selected collection of architectural shots and "found objects," describing the Czech capital in a lively, spontaneous way.  

Full of sun and air, the atmospheric fashion photography blog of Matus Toth, with behind the scenes, out-takes, model test shoots and of course professional editorial work. His photos frequently appear in Czech Harpers Bazaar, ELLE and ELLE Men magazines. Matus is represented by the Prague-based Cash Only Production agency. 

We love Alexey Bachin's feed for its moody and dramatic depiction of Prague's streets. We are curious to see what he will post next, as the rainy season is approaching.  

Libuse Jarcovjakova is a prominent Czech documentary photographer who has been capturing Prague since the early seventies. This Instagram account is a personal visual diary of an artist, consisting of iPhone snapshots. To see Libuse's film portfolio for the past 40 years, check out the link in her bio. You might be surprised how the Czech capital looked during the early 80s “sleepy Brezhnev” communist period. 

@honza_vesely is a documentary and landscape photographer from Prague. His photos will give you an idea of what it is like to hike in the magical forests of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. 

Anna Venezia is an American photographer and author, living in Prague. She produces portrait and landscape photography, blending it with the elements of still life. The softness of shadows and colors provides you with an impression of a quiet summer in Prague's parks.

Imrich Veber is a visual artist. His photography combines documentary language and fiction, and deals with urban spaces and conditions of contemporary society. His Instagram account is a collection of the most ordinary found objects, photographically transformed into installations. 

Prague-born photographer David Tesinsky travels the world, documenting people from various subculture communities. His dynamic images combine a great sense of humor with the odd realities of the contemporary world. 

Vaiva Bezhan is a Lithuanian photographer living in Prague. We can best describe her Instagram account as a non-banal color-film travel blog. Be sure to check out the documentary section on her professional website!


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