5 life hacks for your exam preparation

The UNYP Spring semester is over and the exam period is starting once again. A bunch of exams, loads of papers and just a few days to go. Admit it, there’s a really urgent need to introduce a system into your preparations. So where to start? We’ve prepared five useful tips for you on how to study for exams effectively. Here we go!


1. Color code

Highlighters will become your best friends. Get equipped with different colors and create your own system for their use. Headlines pink, special terms to be remembered blue, … Once you get used to them, the color coding saves you a lot of time when searching in your notes. Moreover, your right hemisphere will work in tandem with your memory.

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2. Spread smileys

Learn to use emoticons in your offline materials. Have you come across your favorite topic or a funny note? :-) Draw a smiley next to it! Believe it or not, the emotional charge will unconsciously motivate you to perceive the matter much more effectively!

3. Set sweet milestones

The keyword is: self-motivation. Divide your work into smaller parts and award yourself after passing each new milestone. Learnt a chapter? Time for a chocolate bonbon! Written 500 words in your essay? Time for a gummy bear!

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4. Tune up

There are only two types of students: the ones that need complete silence when studying and the ones that are more efficient when listening to music. Find out which category you belong to and tune your environment according to your taste!

5. Procrastinate

The last thing you’d expect in our tips – procrastination! Surprise! It is scientifically proven that limited procrastination increases your efficiency. So schedule regular breaks: ten minutes for a quick Facebook check, ten minutes for coffee, two hours for jogging or your favorite workout. Not only do you not overload yourself; oxygen stimulates your brain and endorphins help you get through the tougher times with a smile on your face.

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The whole UNYP team wishes you good luck in your exams! Break a leg!

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