7 Reasons to start running while studying in Prague

Whether you are a UNYP fresher or a graduate working on your Master’s thesis, every academic year comes with its own difficulties and challenges. Any form of physical activity can help you manage these adversities effectively, achieve positive results, and find quality free time to get away from it all. Some of our students represent the University of New York in Prague by playing on our Blazers soccer and floorball teams, some swim or go to the gym, and for many others, there is nothing better than running to let off steam and deal with anxiety. Running is a genuinely enjoyable multi-purpose exercise, with positive impacts on student fitness and well-being. Here are a few reasons to consider picking up the running habit while studying at the University of New York in Prague.

Get in shape during your semester at UNYP

  • Prague provides excellent opportunities for runners to see the sights while getting fit. There are lovely running routes around Prague’s historic districts, along the river, and in the city’s delightful parks. UNYP is conveniently located between two of Prague’s most beautiful parks – Riegrovy Sady and Havlíčkovy sady, which means that you can go for a run straight after classes. 
  • Prague’s public transport infrastructure consists of the Prague Metro (lines A, B, and C), the tram system, buses, funiculars (cable rail), and six ferries. This simple, secure, and efficient public transit system lets you get everywhere you need to go within the city and allows you to enjoy more remote running in places such as Divoká šárka or Prokopské údolí. 
  • Prague’s weather has been warming in recent years, with winters becoming drier and snowless, making the Czech capital convenient for year-round running. With today’s heat-retaining materials, running in lower temperatures has never been more accessible. Outdoor sport is a big part of the Czech culture, and there are plenty of sporting goods shops and outlets in Prague. 
  • Whether you smoke or not, your lungs may need strengthening if you haven’t been leading a very physically active lifestyle. Running is a perfect way to make your lungs healthier and stronger, paving the way to better fitness. Like other forms of aerobic exercise, running will improve your health by increasing your lung capacity and allowing oxygen to pass through your body more efficiently.
  • Studying online in your room all day, or having to breathe through your mask in all public indoor spaces, may not always be the healthiest thing to do. You may be stressed from coping with the class, as well as snacking during the day and eating late-night pizza to survive your research papers. Running burns the extra calories that you consume throughout the day and releases serotonin, helping you stay in good spirits.
  • Everyone needs some time alone. Going for an evening run tends to take your mind off your exhausting commitments and workload. Running is the perfect way to avoid hectic offline and online noise – spending even 15 minutes outside running in the fresh air will help refresh positive thoughts and flush out negative ones.
  • When you are overloaded with homework, your brain fails to keep you calm and stable, and anxiety can build up. If you go running regularly, you'd be able to reshape your mind and improve your brain’s functionality. A gentle run helps you concentrate on the important ideas and concepts, and filter out the unnecessary details. 


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