A Student’s Guide to Prague Public Transport

Prague awaits! From magnificent architecture through characterful local districts to tasty local food, there is so much waiting for you to enjoy. However, before beginning your journey, remember this is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture, not just a vacation. While studying abroad, you will interact with your surroundings far more deeply than a tourist would, as you will have enough time to experience the true European lifestyle and gain a fuller understanding of your surroundings.

UNYP Study Abroad students have a greater range of opportunity than tourists

Prague is a place where you can create new ideas within the ancient walls. Like most old European capitals, this city is a pedestrian’s paradise – in fact, you will miss out on a lot of beauty if you take taxis everywhere. It’s even possible to walk from one end of Prague to the other in less than two hours. Get out of your student room and use your study abroad city as a learning resource to supplement your academics. We created this in-depth guide to Prague’s public transportation to help you get started: 


As we said in our “How to live in Prague on a student budget?” post, you should always use your ISIC card for discounts, and you will need it to register for your “Lítačka” – the Prague Travel Pass Card – which you can easily do online at the Prague Integrated Transport website. Even if you are only here for one semester, it is definitely worth getting one. An adult quarterly pass costs 1,480 CZK, while the student tariff is only 360 CZK! You will be mailed your Lítačka within about ten days of applying. While waiting, you can also use the standard tickets (“jízdenky” in Czech), which can be purchased in the yellow ticket machines at all metro stations and some tram stops, some Vietnamese convenience stores and newspaper kiosks. 


The Prague metro is very clean and convenient, and it covers most of the city. The stations have many exits, although these are often located rather far from each other, so make sure you take the right one! All stations are equipped with ticket machines, toilets, and maps, but remember that metro trains can get very crowded at rush hour. Prague metro trains start running at 5 a.m. every day, and the last trains depart from the terminals at midnight. 


The Prague tram network runs a regular service from 4.30 a.m. to midnight, as well as a reduced night tram service. Every tram stop is equipped with a timetable, and believe it or not, the trams are almost never late! Even the night trams are highly reliable. Once you have looked up the name of the nearest tram stop to your location, use the IDOS app to find the real-time schedule and the most convenient connections. This app works for all transport in Prague, including the metro and buses, and is very handy on a rainy day.


As with the trams, Prague city buses operate a day and a night service. If you are staying in Vinohrady and planning to travel further afield during the semester, you can get to the airport in exactly 40 minutes. Take the green A Line metro to Nádraží Veleslavín station, and then switch to the 119 bus, which will take you to the airport. This bus displays an airplane picture next to the number 119, so you can’t mistake it. 


In Prague, Uber is no longer the sole alternative to traditional cabs. With regular discounts and promotions, Taxify has become serious competition. We recommend having both apps downloaded and ready. Remember that the demand for cabs is higher during bad weather, and in the daytime, it is almost always faster to hop on a tram. We recommend the Uber and Taxify apps over traditional cabs because you can control the route, and it is always possible to complain and claim your money back in the event of a problem. 

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