Address from the UNYP President to the Graduating Class of 2016

Another year has passed and the class of 2016 is ready to set sail on a long and great journey. The 15th UNYP Graduation Ceremony will take place at the Palác Žofín this Friday already. On behalf of our faculty members, I would like to congratulate our graduating students on the completion of their educational paths. 

Dear class of 2016,

You have done your best to understand the essentials and pitfalls of your future professions, to learn the core principles of professional ethics and tolerance and to instill the humanly important sense of right and wrong. I feel proud that you are finally prepared for the paths you chose when entering UNYP and I want to remind you that our help with advice or direction towards achieving your goals by no means ends at your graduation. 

For eighteen years the University Of New York in Prague has been our students’ most faithful partner, maintaining the status of the leading English-language higher education institution in Central Europe. Let me thank you for this splendid fact as this is not only the faculty's merit – it is also due to the hard work, diligence, and accomplishments of you, our students and the efforts and support of your families. 

I wish the class of 2016 only the best of luck in all your new beginnings and the pursuit of your dreams. Be proud of your achievements and the progress that you have made during your experience at UNYP. Keep doing everything it takes to become a credible, decent, and successful member of our society. Celebrate the new chapter of your lives, never stop learning and remember that your real life path is starting here and right now. 

Elias Foutsis
President, University of New York in Prague & New York College Educational Group 

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