Baylor University returns to UNYP

Baylor University, the oldest continuously operating university in Texas, has been coming to Prague every summer for more than nine years and the University of New York in Prague has been a happy host to them during the last three.

The group of 35 students together with four faculty members came to Prague this year to deliver a course in International Business and also elective courses in Operations Management, Business Planning, or Strategic Management. They had all of their class sessions at our campus where students engaged in discussions over three business cases. Part of the instruction was delivered through hands-on experiences like visiting the Skoda Auto factory in Mladá Boleslav or Radio Free Europe, which help to create a well-rounded study program. “Three years ago UNYP graciously agreed to host us, and we have been coming back to the campus ever since. We are hoping that Baylor and UNYP might form a more robust relationship in the future,” says Debra Burleson, Senior Lecturer at Baylor University. 

Prague was the first stop of their five-week educational excursion after which they continued to discover other great European cities like Vienna, Munich, Milan, Paris, and London before returning to Texas. “We chose Prague initially because a former colleague had contacts in the business community here. We were also very aware of the great character, charm, beauty, and historical significance of the city.  Combined with the access we have to Skoda Auto, we find that our students have a rich opportunity to learn about business and culture whenever we are in Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic,” explains Ms. Burleson. 

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