Colorado State University students attended an entrepreneurship panel at UNYP


Colorado State University’s Entrepreneurship Director, Dr. Timothy Galpin, along with seven undergraduate students, visited UNYP for a panel discussion on Friday morning, June 6th.  The discussion was arranged by Aaron Johnson, Entrepreneurship Center Director at UNYP, who invited entrepreneurial guest The panel focused on the various entrepreneurship roles and practices that they’ve undertaken.

Dr. Galpin and the CSU students are traveling through Europe as part of a management course.  The goal is to learn about the differences in creating ventures in the U.S, as opposed to the five European countries they will visit on their trip.  The tour started in London (Centre for Entrepreneurs), and continued onto Paris (Entrepreneurship Centre and Integer), Berlin (SRH Berlin and Microsoft Ventures), Prague (UNYP), and finally, Amsterdam.

The discussion covered a variety of topics, such as, the entrepreneurial climate in the Czech Republic, the challenges and opportunities in this region, and other success factors. They also explored the position of young entrepreneurs in the US arena and whether Silicon Valley can be duplicated elsewhere.

The partnership between UNYP and CSU started in 2008.  Currently, the first official summer course, in collaboration with CSU’s sociology department, is being held at UNYP. 

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