Graduation Letter from Sotiris Foutsis to the Class of 2019

Dear Class of 2019,

Tomorrow will be a day of grand celebration of your considerable academic and personal achievements. For twenty-one years, the reputation of UNYP and its students has stood high all over the world, and it is genuinely heart-warming to see its continuing success.

Dear graduates tomorrow will be your day – the public recognition of your determination and accomplishment. Remember this day, as it marks the start of your future as an adult and contributing member of the society.  You will be graduating with a solid foundation from which to build your future, and this qualification will serve you well as you follow your unique career path. The education you have received will be your passport to future success and one of the most valuable assets in your life.

UNYP has prepared you to work hard and to take risks with confidence. Although you are leaving our campus, there are so many ways to stay in touch. You will always be part of the UNYP family, no matter where your work takes you. You are graduating into an increasingly diverse and multi-cultural world, and UNYP’s international community and experience has provided you with the starting point from which you will continue your journey to become global citizens.

I am so proud of all of you and confident that you are ready to take the next step. On behalf of the University of New York in Prague, I extend to all our graduates, the Class of 2019, our warmest congratulations! 


Sotiris Foutsis

General Manager of the University of New York in Prague

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