How to identify an outstanding university

Higher education is now a near-essential component of life in the developed world. The job market is more competitive than ever, while economic, social, and environmental conditions are in constant flux. In this high-paced world, young people need guidance and sufficient educational resources to help them reach their career goals. World-class higher education establishments thrive in an environment that fosters critical thinking, with a multicultural perspective and a healthy spirit of competitiveness. The wide variety of schools and programs available in the Czech Republic can make choosing a university a real challenge. Of course, you want the best value and experience, so what should you look for when choosing a place to study? 

What makes UNYP stand out from other universities in Prague? 

At the University of New York in Prague, we want you to succeed – and our university provides numerous resources to help you adjust to student life and maximize your higher education experience. We offer our students a wealth of learning resources outside the classroom, including a newly-renovated library with over 17,000 books to Prague’s most modern multisport facility – the UNYP Arena, a Writing Lab with professional English language academic writing instructors, and a dedicated Career Office that is committed to UNYP students even after their graduation. 

UNYP Library 

The mission of the library of the University of New York in Prague is to support and promote the academic goals of the university by providing a place for students and faculty to actively engage in study and research. Our amazing team of UNYP librarians assists students and faculty in finding and using the scholarly information available at the university. In general, the UNYP Library serves as an inspiration for lifelong learning. Located just across the street from our campus at Londýnská 32, it has around 17,000 books, periodicals, and audio/visual materials in English, as well as a growing fiction collection. The main area is equipped with 22 public PCs, 4 photocopiers, 8 comfortable bean bags, and a stationery corner with various office supplies available to students. The second floor has a quiet study area. 

UNYP Arena 

The UNYP athletics program has developed an outstanding legacy of competitive success, by creating a championship mindset among its community. Led by experienced professional coaches, UNYP student-athletes have an opportunity to play soccer, floorball, and basketball and participate in Czech college league competitions. In Fall 2019, the multisport facility in Prague 9, Podvinny Mlyn (previously known as Arena Sparta), went through a rebranding process, with the main hall and all connected fields being renamed the UNYP Arena. In the same year, the UNYP Arena became the official home of the UNYP Blazers floorball, football, and basketball teams. 

UNYP Career Office

Whether you want to find an internship while you study at UNYP or a job after graduation, our Career Office is available to provide professional job search assistance. As well as current students, UNYP is committed to its alumni, and provides a range of professional development services and career re-orientation for them. Every year we organize UNYP Career Days, a week-long series of events aimed at starting a conversation between employers and our students. Connecting students with the business world is critical for ensuring they build the right skills and network to strengthen their chances in today’s highly competitive labor market. 

UNYP Counseling Center 

The university years are a time of change, development, and personal growth, which can come with high pressure and expectations. It is useful to have devoted experts to guide you through this journey. The UNYP Counseling Center helps our students by providing confidential free psychological counseling for various mental health issues, to ensure that they are in the right state of mind to excel in their academic and personal lives. Individual sessions, seminars, and workshops explore your emotions and help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. Our fantastic team of counselors can help with exam stress, anxiety, and depression, self-esteem issues, adjustment to college life or living abroad, and certain addictions and disorders. 

UNYP Writing Lab 

Over the years, we’ve observed how extremely beneficial the UNYP Writing Lab is for students who are not native speakers of English. Located at Belgická 40, only minutes from the main UNYP campus, the Writing Lab offers individualized assistance with all aspects of the writing process, including but not limited to pre-writing strategies, text structure, and thesis development. The WRL works with undergraduate and graduate students at any stage in the writing process. All UNYP Writing Lab tutors are trained academic writing instructors, who can provide you with professional feedback and help you become more confident as individual writers. Students who are interested in making an appointment with the WRL are expected to be ready to actively participate in the tutoring sessions. 

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