Letter from our General Manager to the UNYP community

Dear UNYP Community,

It has been an extremely challenging week all over the world. Our UNYP family has worked to transition the delivery of our courses (as well as our other services) to students and staff online while learning about the fast-growing COVID-19 pandemic affecting our lives, families, and work.

The UNYP management has been monitoring and reacting to the daily changing of circumstances, regulations, and instructions from the relevant authorities. We have had to be decisive, and have often had to make decisions that affect our operations substantially and at very short notice. I am truly proud of our staff and faculty who have demonstrated the utmost professionalism, collegiality, and commitment to promptly realize all the systems and processes we have had to put in place to support our students for the remainder of the current semester, as well as to work with our partners to accommodate the needs of the changing circumstances.

I am also amazed and thankful for the resilience and adaptability of our students, and their compassion and dedication to this process while identifying their part in this global crisis. Many students have returned home to their families, and some also remain here in Prague as they all take on new responsibilities and new roles in the ever-changing face of the world today. I have the greatest faith that you will find comfort in knowing that UNYP remains here for you throughout these troubling times, and that we will not miss a step in delivering you a world-class education, even if it is online for the time being. 

We are all expected to do our best to deliver an impactful educational experience to our students in an entirely different environment. This means doing our best to swiftly adapt to the technology we have to use, communicating regularly, clearly, and effectively to our students since they will inevitably be facing uncertainty and anxiety as part of this transition.

Grit and perseverance are part of UNYP’s DNA. We are both grateful and proud of all your support, understanding, flexibility, and adaptability. Working together, we will make it through this difficult time.


Best Regards, stay healthy and stay in.


Sotiris Foutsis

UNYP General Manager

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