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It demands a lot of extra work, strong personal skills and mainly: having a vision and not being affraid to push it forward. But at the same time it rewards you with tons of experience, networking opportunities and it helps you develop your soft skills. We interviewed Matouš Hartman, the current UNYP Student Council President about his role and how it can improve students’ life in both active and passive way.

Why did the students choose you? 

The Student Council representatives are elected directly by students, and then positions are appointed within the organization. The students chose me because they liked the way I worked at school and knew I would take the job seriously. I was appointed president because I can get job done.

What have you achieved since you were elected for the presidency? 

Since my election in May, we have attended a meeting with the General Manager of UNYP, Sotiris Foutsis. We discussed some of the issues reported by students such as occasional PC room non-availability and the possibility of more laptops in the library. In June, Student Council hosted a very successful Graduation party for our leaving senior students. During the summer, we were working hard on our new upcoming website, school board and many exciting events!

What would you like to improve?

I want to expand the student scholarship opportunities at the university. I believe there should be a way for exceptional students to study for free, regardless of their financial situation. This would attract smart students that otherwise would not come here, which ultimately benefits the whole environment. This is the model they apply in the US, where they have some of the best universities in the world. Additionally, I want to show other students that being part of Student Council is not only a lot of fun, but also teaches many valuable skills useful for future career.

Do students come to consult with you often? 

Not as often as I would like to (laughs). They prefer to raise their questions and concerns electronically by email, social networks or responding to surveys. They should know that no question is too stupid to be asked and that all problems have a solution.

Why should students care about the Student Council?

First of all, students should care about their studies and university in general. If they care and want to get the most of their time here, they should deal with what bothers them and that is what we are here for.

Right: Matouš Hartman, Student Council President, Left: Sotiris Foutsis, General Manager 

Why did you choose UNYP?

I chose UNYP because I was frustrated with the Czech educational system that I had experienced at a state university. I wanted to learn about business from people that have done it themselves and understand it, not just read about it in textbooks.

How is UNYP preparing you for your career?

What I really like about UNYP is the emphasis on self-presentation skills. In two years, I can see serious progress in my ability to present myself both on paper and face-to-face.

What is the biggest advantage of studying at UNYP?

Besides the obvious advantage of studying in English, I really enjoy the inspirational environment. Witnessing the frequent successes of my classmates in various projects, competitions and work gives me a lot of confidence. I think this is a huge benefit of this university.

What extra-curricular activities would you recommend? 

I encourage students to try many different things, in order to see what interests them. There are several interesting clubs at UNYP that are always happy to welcome new people. For those willing to develop their skills such as communication, negotiation, planning, teamwork and management, I recommend running for Student Council. Also get to know Prague, it is a fantastic city!

What are your future plans and how is UNYP helping you achieve them? 

In the future I would like to do something that fulfills me and constantly challenges me. UNYP helps me better see opportunities around me and gives me faith in taking advantage of them.

What would you tell to people who decide which school to pick?

The university you choose has a strong influence on your future. Be proactive, meet students and visit a lecture of the school you are considering. Also, find out what the alumni are doing after they graduate. And most importantly, make sure to study what interests you!

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