Prague – beautiful, fun and now safer than ever …

The Czech Republic has been rated as one of the top ten safest countries in the world!

The recently released Global Peace Index, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, looked at numerous factors considered important to a country's long-term safety and security. The Czech Republic came in 10th on the list, up one place from the previous year. Only countries such as a Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand rank as safer places to live, and various Western giants showed very disappointing results, including Germany (16th), UK (39th) and United States (94th).

The list will come as no surprise to those of us lucky enough to already live right here in the Czech capital. Prague has for a long time scored well on numerous lifestyle and happiness rankings. 

Health care is a great example. Although there is no-such thing as a perfect system, Czech hospitals are clean and efficient. The state run insurance system is relatively inexpensive and the coverage almost universal – the “Czech model” was even presented to President Barrack Obama as an example of a great system that the US could copy.

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