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Let’s face it. If you didn’t see it on Instagram, it didn’t happen. Students who study abroad know that one of the many perks of exchange programs is access to all the beautiful sites a European city like Prague has to offer. And beautiful sites means beautiful photos to post so your friends and family can keep up with your international adventures. Here’s our picks for the some of the best vantage points to snap a selfie.


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Old Town Hall Tower

One image search on Google will pull up shots of Prague’s central square in Old Town, or Staroměstské Náměstí. The location of the Astronomical Clock and the Church of Mother of God before Týn, this spot provides some of the best selfie options that showcase the city’s Gothic architecture.


Whether you want a headshot framed in cherry blossoms or a bird’s eye view of Bohemia from atop the Petřín Lookout Tower, this park is the place to head for amazing photos in Spring. The lush landscape blooms into an array colors as the season makes way for Summer.


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Shooter’s Island

It would be sacrilege for you to stay in Prague and not stroll along the Vltava. From the famous sites of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle to the pastel buildings lining the riverside to the gorgeous sunsets, Shooter’s Island will give you a panoramic view of Prague from below.


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Santa Maria Boats Wharf

If you’re craving a little more life in your pictures, cross the Charles Bridge and head to the banks of the Santa Maria Boats Wharf where you’ll find hundreds of swans. These big yet graceful birds are used to people, so come armed with bread if you want to pose with some new feathery friends. Just don’t get in the way of their snack!


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Letná Beer Garden

What is Prague without amazing views and great beer? Snap the quintessential shot of a freshly poured Pilsner with an amazing cityscape in the background at Letná Beer Garden, just north of the river. Then kick back and make new friends.

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