UNYP is among Top 10 universities in Graduates employability

Prague, June 27th 2013 - People with tertiary education have an unquestionable advantage in the labor market. Graduates of colleges and universities can find jobs after their studies, and the unemployment rate is significantly lower than for those people without an undergraduate or postgraduate diploma. However, there are differences in unemployment regarding graduates from different disciplines and different schools. The unemployment rate is an indicator that can assist applicants in deciding which school to choose.

The Aktualne.cz website (www.aktualne.cz) provided an overview of the success of graduates of universities in Czech Republic. The aim was to find out which college graduates have the best chance of success in the labor market.
The data was provided by the Centre for Education Policy, Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague covering the period 2002-2012.

The unemployment rate is the number of unemployed graduates to the difference between the total number of
graduates and the number in further education.

Universities by unemployment rate of graduates – 10 private economics colleges:

Published: http://aktualne.centrum.cz/domaci/grafika/2013/02/25/nezamestnanost-absolventu-vysokych-skol/

Data source: http://www.strediskovzdelavacipolitiky.info/default.asp?page=svp&KID=23  

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