UNYP goes Greener!!!

Since 2008 UNYP has established a recycling policy throughout the university recycling paper and plastic. 

For this to happen special bins were placed all over our premises and special arrangements were also made with a recycling company.

Taking a step further and starting January 2015 we initiated a cooperation with ASEKOL, a company recycling small electric and electronic devices as well as batteries. For this reason a special recycling container is now available at UNYP premises.

Last but not least, in the summer 2014, our IT department went through a full inventory check and as a result of it we recycled lots of old equipment that was not used anymore. In total we recycled 1,220 kg of electric and electronic material that had a positive impact on environment representing a saving of 27,776 MWh of electrical energy, 1,918.5 liters of oil, 108.7 liters of water and of 5,195.5 kgs of CO2 production.

We would like to thank everybody that supports these efforts and we promise to keep on trying for even more positive green impact in the future.

Recycling bins  Recycling bins Recycling bins

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recycling recycling recycling

recycling recycling recycling

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