UNYP launches new MA in Strategic Communications in collaboration with the University of Bolton

After almost two years of research, careful planning, and collaborative work, UNYP is proud to officially launch a new MA in Strategic Communication, together with the University of Bolton

If your plans for this academic year have changed due to the decreasing flexibility of travel options, or your employment possibilities have changed, and you are wondering what to do from late October, we are happy to inform you about the opportunity to enroll in a brand new Master’s program in Strategic Communications at UNYP. We are also delighted to offer UNYP Alumni the opportunity to get 20% reduced tuition for this program. So if you haven’t done your Masters degree yet, and are looking into going back to school, keep on reading.

This revitalized Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications is a practically-oriented course designed to help students address real-world communication challenges and effectively reach diverse audiences. Strategic Communications is a fantastic area of expertise that can be beneficial to graduates with majors ranging from Business through International Relations to Information Technology. Communication is crucial for persuading publics and shaping public opinion, and in the ever-evolving global communication environment, experts who can use strategic planning to attract the interest of target audiences have a decisive advantage. However, only a comprehensive understanding of the media resources available will enable organizations to achieve their communication objectives. 

“When we say ‘communication,’ we are not talking about public speaking or meeting people. We are talking about the very basis of our personal and professional lives, which has been taken over and integrated into communication systems – via the so-called ‘mediatization’ of society. Communication and media are so prevalent and integral to our existence that effective communication is now a strategy question. This is why studying Strategic Communications can benefit practically anyone,” says Dr. Todd Nesbitt, Dean of the School of Communication and Media at UNYP.

The critical element that distinguishes this particular program from other graduate programs in Communication and Media is that the curriculum was not designed by scholars in isolation from the business world, as so often happens in higher education. Instead,  the program was designed with the input of professionals from large PR, IT, media research and marketing agencies, in order to effectively gauge the needs of employers. Representatives of organizations such as Microsoft and SAP, and PR and advertising agencies such as Havas took part in the program design process.

A Master’s degree in Strategic Communications offered by UNYP in partnership with the University of Bolton can help you shape the future of your industry

During the year-long MA program, students will learn to identify, perceive, and analyze communication mechanisms, acquire an advanced knowledge of work with different media platforms, research possible solutions to various contemporary issues, evaluate messages and their effects on audiences, and develop an appreciation for the ethics of communication. Alumni of the program will be eligible to enter careers in business and industry, government and social services, education, media, and the professions in public relations, marketing, teaching, sales, media production, writing, personnel, on-air media, advertising, and training. Strategic Communications have never been more relevant in the Czech Republic; in recent years, the country has become a prominent center for a significant number of technology and media firms,  who have struggled to find adequately skilled personnel. Owners of prominent local businesses are also beginning to realize the value that communication professionals can bring to their organizations, from defining communication goals and delivering communication activities to building reputation and boosting sales. 

What is the relationship between UNYP and the University of Bolton? 

UNYP has been a proud partner of the University of Bolton for over ten years, successfully offering high-quality master's degrees in Prague, in International Management and Strategic Communications. Our programs provide students with an immersive experience which is directly relevant in the workplace, taught by distinguished UNYP faculty and leading professionals in their fields. Our degrees are designed to allow students to combine education with full-time employment, as the modules are delivered in an intense weekend format. Classes occur from October to April, followed by a thesis paper or a more practical consultancy project. The qualification is a British graduate degree, which we offer at the University of New York in Prague. 

UNYP’s partnership with the University of Bolton is set to expand beyond these three programs. Preparations are taking place to launch two more master’s degrees: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Data Analytics and Technologies.

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