UNYP PULSE lecture “International Crises and the Response of the International Community” with Dr. Max Hilaire

UNYP PULSE guest lecture series was inaugurated with a presentation by prof. Max Hilaire on the response of the international community to the international crises.

In front of a full classroom, prof. Hilaire referred to the difficulties that the international community finds to address some of the challenges that our societies are confronting today. He made reference to traditional security disputes as well as non-conventional crises like the ones related with pandemics or environmental issues. The presentation was followed by an interesting round of questions and answers in which the academics and students attending the presentation engaged in an interesting interchange of ideas.

You can see the presentation in this link. We hope to see you in future events.

UNYP PULSE Lecture: International Crises and the Response of the International Community (Dr. Max Hilaire) from University of New York in Prague on Vimeo.


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