What to do after high school?

Are you trying to figure out what to do after high school in the Czech Republic? Where to get your higher education? And most importantly, how to choose the right school? 

Many young Czechs are interested in coming to Prague for their studies because the higher education establishments here provide greater opportunities to study with international students. In recent years, the Czech capital has become more attractive for students from outside the country. With an excellent environment to live in, affordable costs, and a liberal atmosphere, the Czech capital has a lot to offer to scholars from all backgrounds. Prague’s growing appeal as an international study destination is also due to the high availability of university courses studied in English, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. As the world becomes smaller, familiarity with other cultures, attitudes, and behaviors will help you to prepare for the diversity of real life.

Don't wait – start searching now for the best higher education in Prague!

Whether you are looking for higher education in English or in Czech, we have picked the three most informative web sites to guide you on the best private and public universities and colleges in the Czech Republic. You can save a lot of time by registering on some (or maybe all) of these portals, and the best part is that you will be able to see the full list of specializations offered by Prague’s higher education establishments. If you are not entirely sure where you see yourself professionally, it might be useful to read the descriptions of programs that you haven't considered before. Information is power, and making a well-informed decision now could save you the time and trouble of changing majors, or even universities, after your first semester. 

These online portals will help you to decide for yourself which Prague university is best for you.  You can quickly look up universities of your interest and browse through their programs to find the options that suit you best. Learn all about the various study options in Prague, compare the tuition fees and program structures, and find out about the accreditations and student services of each institution. 

1. At vysokeskoly.cz you can look at a range of 220 higher education establishments. Whether you are interested in IT Management or English Language & Literature, every category has dozens of options. Make sure to check out their blog, with regularly-updated articles that cover most recent events and news from the local universities. 

2. The Facult project was designed to help high school students to choose the right college. Simply select a field, and all necessary information is provided through images, text, and videos.

3. Finally, confused.cz gives you the opportunity to attend lectures at several colleges based on the results of a specially developed personality test. This test will show you which fields of study you enjoy the most, and where they can be pursued. Following the test, you will have the opportunity to attend lectures in three different universities offering programs that match your interests. Could you be a future Financial analyst, a Global affairs specialist or a Neuroscientist? Try Confused.cz to find out!

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