Workshop “YES, YOU SHOULD” at UNYP

On Tuesday, April 15, Mr Lukas Sedlacek, director of the European Leadership & Academic Institute, the organizer of the seminar and Mr Milan Bruncvik, gradute of the Cambridge University and a business analyst at KPMG Czech Republic, delivered a talk about the reasons why students should not be afraid of applying to prestigious Universities such as Cambridge or Oxford. 

Mr Milan Bruncvik graduated in Engineering for Sustainable Development at Cambridge University and Mr Lukas Sedlacek completed his postgraduate studies in International Relations and earned a Master of Philosophy in International Relations degree at Cambridge. Thanks to their experience studying at the world famous universities, they could give the students idea what the studies there look like, how to get ready for the application process and most importantly how to finance their studies. They also discussed the career opportunities which have opened after returning home including the possibilities provided by KPMG where Milan is employed now and who are also partners of these seminars.

The reason why students are afraid of applying to prestigious universities abroad is often a lack of confidence, concern about the admission procedure and unaffordability. The aim of the seminar was to show students that study at the best world’s universities is possible and worth applying.  

The seminar was concluded by personal consultations. 

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