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The UNYP Career Office is conjoining the university and business, graduates and the employment market. One of Career Office objectives is to help students develop their careers and make available the UNYP’s institutional networks.

UNYP is also committed to its students even after the graduation and provides a range of career services for professional development and career re-orientation for UNYP Alumni

  • Internships and Jobs:

Internships provide an exceptional opportunity to recruit staff. Selected students could work for your company during couple of weeks or months and apply their theoretically acquired knowledge directly to practical tasks.

By employing interns, your company will become rich into most recent theoretical approaches and strategies whereas students will profit from your professional experience and practice.

  • Offers:

Should you wish to make use of our service, please submit your offer for an internship or job (including trainee programs as well as part-time, full-time, second and holiday jobs) as a pdf / jpg file or link to

We will advertise your offer on our e-Learning platform as well as on other online, offline university communication channels. 


  • For Students

    Counseling and CV-check

    Career Office offers an additional service for all of UNYP students in the form of a curriculum vitae check plus application / interview counseling. Take advantage of this free service and send your documents by mail today or make an appointment for a personal session.

    We will explain you the structure, point out any weaknesses or potential problems and give some inspirational ideas. The service includes a discussion of your CV and cover letter plus tips for CVs for employment abroad.

    “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”    (Abraham Lincoln)


    The internships offer students an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge at the practical level and to gather first-hand experience of relevant business processes.

    Find a wide range of internships on UNYP’s E-learning portal 


    UNYP is the largest and leading English language higher education institution in the Czech Republic. Our motto is Educating tomorrow’s leaders, and therefore it is our aim to offer motivated people the opportunity for professional development.

    You can search for both full-time and part-time jobs as well as have access to jobs provided by UNYP partner companies or recruitment consultants. Regularly posted and updated job offers are presented on our Career Office Forum and communicated through E-learning, Facebook, LinkedIn to students and graduates, providing them with info about current full-time & part-time positions and internships.

    Register to UNYP at the Career Office Section on the E-learning portal to benefit from updates and events organized by the Career Office. 

    Company presentations

    Company visits provide students with a valuable opportunity to meet employers in person, hear first-hand from the representatives or recruiters what it is like to work for them and develop professional contacts through networking.

    Employers from various industries and career fields are available to speak with students about potential career and internship opportunities.

    Career Days

    UNYP pays a lot of attention to the preparation of its students and graduates regarding their professional careers. For this purpose we organize a wide range of activities, including Career Days once a year in spring. Both students and companies may participate in the program free of charge

    Make contact with potential employers in good time and take advantage of the UNYP recruiting event. Career Days are held with the participation of leading companies on the Czech market and recruitment agencies, and are organized for students and graduates who are trying to find their first job, advance in their current job or attain an internship.

    The UNYP Career Days give students a unique opportunity to explore internship and career opportunities for their future and at the same time, it is an excellent chance to promote different organizations and introduce the career available options.

    Participating companies have a room for their booths, banners, roll-ups etc., as well as for their  individual meetings and consultations with our students/graduates who should be able to apply for full time placements or part time jobs and internships.

    In addition to the stand exhibition during the Job Fair, we offer complimentary use of our facilities to conduct interactive company presentations in the form of case study or workshop with learning outcome for our students

    It is also a great pleasure to invite our Alumni in order to give them a space for a presentation of  their career path after graduating from UNYP with the aim to inspire, encourage and motivate our current students by a good example.  



















    Seminars and Workshops

    The purpose of these workshops and seminars is to support and assist all students in entering the job market, i.e. in exploring and making effective career choices but also to bring the professional life to the UNYP campus and link the theory and practice.

    They are also aimed at helping students to write and improve cover letters and resumes/CVs, and to provide advice on how to apply for job offers or internships.



  • For Alumni

    Counseling and Coaching

    If you are looking for a new job or decided to reorient your vocation, want to exchange views or get advice, you are welcome to contact us to arrange an appointment for either a personal consultation or telephone call.

    In case you would like to post advertisements for internships, bachelor or master thesis projects, or jobs, please send us a mail (

    We are always particularly pleased to receive submissions from our alumni !


    If you are in the process of reorienting yourself professionally, we recommend looking at e-Learning platform, where you will find current job offers.  

    For the job offers, please see the Career Forum on E-learning. 

    Business partners and Contacts

    Institutions and companies from different sectors at home and abroad are fond of University of New York in Prague, thus they maintain a close partnership with UNYP and have become an integral part of the living network.

  • For Companies

    Career Partnership

    From the beginning, UNYP has developed into a Business School on international level. We owe this achievement to our vision and hard work, as well as to our business and industry partners who collaborate with us on the ongoing development.

    Our corporate partners appreciate our high standards of quality in education, discourse, research and development. We would like to encourage you to take advantage of this platform for you as an attractive employer! The UNYP Career Office offers a wide range of support in the form of webpages, social media, career events and PR opportunities.

    Career Days

    Held with the participation of leading companies on the Czech market and recruitment agencies. The event is organized for students and graduates who are trying to find their first job, advance in their current job or attain an internship. 

    Internships and Jobs

    Should you have any open full time, part time job offers or internship positions, you may send us your promo materials / advert in pdf or jpeg format and we will post it on our online and offline communication channels at UNYP free of charge. 


  • Contact


    Tel.:    +420 224 221 261/281


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