June 18 2020
If you are considering studying for a Master of Science in International Management, you probably already know that this degree will give you a competitive edge and help you to move up the career ladder quickly. A Master of Science in International Management offered by the University of New York in Prague in partnership with the University of Bolton will improve your ability to think... Read more >
October 07 2019
We often hear business leaders and analytics express disappointment about the unfortunate gap between what students learn at higher education establishments and what they are expected to know to be job-ready. In an age of unpredictable changes and constant evolution in the job market, it is hard to argue that the traditional knowledge acquired during a university degree is still relevant. A... Read more >
January 05 2019
The University of New York in Prague offers both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in marketing. In addition to the fundamental objective of exposing students to various disciplines such as International Marketing Strategies, Public Relations Principles and Introduction to Advertising, our programs include components of professional development, written and oral communications, and teamwork. This... Read more >
November 23 2018
One of the most significant decisions that you must make when preparing to enter graduate business school is which MBA concentration most matches your career goals. Of course, MBA programs are well-known for equipping graduates with managerial skills, but they also give the opportunity to specialize in a particular industry. This is useful to students whose ambitions are more specific than simply... Read more >
July 30 2018
Yeldana Batrasheva spent most of her life studying in Europe. Originally from Kazakhstan, her family moved to the Netherlands when she was just 8 years old. She attended high school at Francis Holland School in London, and after that, she came to the University of New York in Prague, where she achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Mass Media in 2017. Now, Yeldana is not only putting... Read more >


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