April 24 2014
How many kinds of human intelligence exist? Can all of its types be measured? Read more >
November 08 2013
Marek Preiss, Clinical Psychologist and Professor from the University of New York in Prague appeared as a guest in the morning broadcast in Studio 6 on CT24. Read more >
October 03 2013
On Tuesday, October 1st, economist Aaron Johnson of UNYP discussed the causes, potential effects, and likely outcomes of the U.S. government shutdown that is currently underway as a result of a budgetary impasse between President Obama and the Senate bill, and a faction of House Republicans wanting to limit the newest healthcare act that went into effect Tuesday morning.  This was part of a brief... Read more >
September 16 2013
Professor Jakub Lepš, specialist on American affairs from the University of New York in Prague on Hyde Park, on CT 24 Twelve years ago the largest terrorist attack in history took place on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York city,  shocking the world. Where has the United States has moved to since then? Hyde Park will be joined by Jakub Lepš from the University of New York in... Read more >
June 06 2013
UNYP professor and alumnae of the LaSalle Master's in Professional and Business Communication program, Juwana Jenkins, appeared as the main guest on Ceska Televize's live morning show Dobre Rano (Good Morning). Speaking about her work in communications and life as an American blues singer in the Czech Republic, Professor Jenkins chatted in Czech with the in-studio moderators, Lenny Trčková and... Read more >


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