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Bachelor's Programs

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

    The University of New York in Prague offers American and European bachelor’s degrees in business administration, with the unique opportunity to receive double degrees from the State University of New York, Empire State College, and a Czech-accredited UNYP degree (bakalář, Bc.). All UNYP programs are taught entirely in English... Read more >

  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance

    In line with its mission, UNYP has been effectively responding to the local as well as European and global labor market needs ever since it was established more than a decade ago. To accomplish this strategic goal, the specialization study program for European BBA students interested in and thinking of a professional career in finance and financial services was launched several years ago... Read more >

  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing

    This concentration in marketing prepares students for their professional careers by offering several specialized courses in the last two semesters (the last year) of their study at UNYP. The courses are taught by skilled and experienced lecturers with proven expertise and credentials in corporate marketing and sales... Read more >

  • Bachelor of Communication & Media

    The aim of this four-year degree, awarded by Empire State College, State University of New York, is to assist students to become highly skilled, versatile, independent thinkers with the research experience, information literacy, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary for an advanced professional career, or further academic study at the master’s degree or doctorate level... Read more >

  • Bachelor of English Language & Literature

    Literature is one of the primary creative acts of humankind, and the study of literature not only exercises our skills of interpretation and critical thinking, but also gives us access to the history and ideas that have shaped our world... Read more >

  • Bachelor of International Relations

    The world has changed. Borders have lost their original meaning, and we live in a globalized world. Only those who adapt to the new environment can get the most out of it. If you are interested in traveling the world, working in a business or government environment, and learning about other cultures, then studying in the Czech Republic for a Bachelor of International & Economic Relations could be exactly what you need... Read more >

  • Bachelor of IT Management

    The primary aim of this University of New York in Prague program is to blend a solid understanding of technology with business management skills. The program will prepare students for entry level professional positions in the field of IT management in the global business and public sectors. This four-year degree is awarded by the State University of New York, Empire State College... Read more >

  • Bachelor of Psychology

    Psychology is one of the most popular majors worldwide. Not only is this one of the most fascinating and dynamic fields of science, but it also provides a springboard for a wide range of opportunities for graduate study and exciting career choices. The UNYP psychology degree involves a broad overview of a wide range of psychological topics... Read more >


Master's Programs

  • Master of International Management

    UNYP is proud to offer this top-quality program in partnership with the University of Bolton. This master’s degree is designed to give you an advantage in an increasingly global employment market, by equipping you with the theoretical foundations for an international business career. If you are a recent graduate with ambitions to prepare more fully for a global career in business and management, then this program will fulfill your requirements... Read more >

  • Master of Laws (LL.M)

    The University of New York in Prague works in partnership with the University of Bolton to offer an accredited Master of Laws (LL.M) program. As trade and business become ever more global, legal consultants are expected to look beyond national jurisdictions and understand issues of European and international law. The program focuses on the legal framework governing the European and international community, as well as various legal issues surrounding international trade and global markets... Read more >

  • Master of Strategic Communication

    Professional communication skills have become one of the key aspects of all types of enterprise. Students on the SC program study with instructors from the U.S. and Europe on a program that challenges students to build and develop the skills and theoretical understanding needed to work in key positions in a wide variety of private and public enterprises... Read more >

  • Master of Psychology (Mgr.)

    The University of New York in Prague is very proud to announce its first graduate degree that has been accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Students who attain the Czech master’s degree in psychology will have the right to use the title Mgr. A master’s degree in psychology is an essential foundation for professions in all fields of psychology, from clinical work to academic research... Read more >


MBA Programs

  • UNYP MBA Programs

    The UNYP MBA is an IACBE-accredited program, offering the prestige of an American accreditation, the challenges and rigor of a top business program, and the opportunity for current and future leaders to hone their management skills. The program has been designed for ambitious people who wish to quickly move up through the ranks of their corporation by attaining the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to be the best possible executive managers... Read more >

  • Online Flexible MBA

    In partnership with National American University, the University of New York in Prague offers a flexible MBA degree program combining Online and On Campus life-long learning. National American University is fully accredited with the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. National American University is registered with the Ministries of Education in multiple countries, and the business division of National American University has been granted full accreditation by IACBE for its MBA program... Read more >


Ph.D. Program

  • Ph.D.

    A UNYP Ph.D. by publication usually requires a minimum of three years, during which time there should be three publications, in literature approved by the University of Bolton. These publications should be in relation to the student's thesis and area of expertise, and should develop the student’s knowledge of the subject. The award of this Ph.D. is based purely on these three published works, and as such rewards on-going activities rather than additional work... Read more >


Non-Degree Programs

  • Foundation Program

    The University of New York in Prague teaches exclusively in English, and we therefore require that all students have sufficient English language skills to benefit from our degree programs and contribute to the classes. The goal of the Foundation Program is to improve the English language skills of prospective UNYP students so that they can qualify for a degree course. Credits awarded for courses on the ESL2 program may be applied towards a UNYP bachelor’s degree... Read more >


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