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The UNYP MBA is an IACBE-accredited program, offering the prestige of an American accreditation, the challenges and rigor of a top business program, and the opportunity for current and future leaders to hone their management skills. The program has been designed for people who wish to quickly move up through the ranks of their corporation by attaining the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to be the best possible executive managers. We also help business people who wish to change industries and work in a completely new field by filling the gaps in their knowledge and giving them the tools they need to excel in their new field. Finally, professionals who wish to start their own businesses and pull ahead of their competition are taught how to research and create business plans, find capital, and actually begin their new company.

Professors teaching in the UNYP MBA program serve as a key strength of the program, being both academically qualified as well as experienced industry leaders and experts. Learn from senior executive managers of companies like Coca Cola, British Telecom, Volkswagen, Bell Labs, 3M, and many more. Gain the practical experience of these tested business leaders in an open and free environment. Learn from top academics from Universities like Harvard and LaSalle who are flown in especially for your classes. UNYP Professors are leaders from all ranges of businesses, here to share their knowledge with you in an exciting and practical way. We use current studies of actual companies, real research, and a variety of activities designed to help you develop at an accelerated pace. As an example, why study financial accounting in a theoretical sense from someone who’s never actually run a global company? At UNYP you will be taught financial accounting by Claude Varley (shown here), the ex-president of Coca Cola Bottling, France. We will provide you with the skills you need to be able to conclude an MBA course at UNYP and immediately apply what you have learned at your business.

The importance of this program is threefold:

  • gaining practical & strategic business knowledge;
  • leadership abilities;
  • networking.

Alumni research has shown that most UNYP MBA graduates are promoted within 8 months of attaining their degree. They earn 46% higher salaries than their non-MBA counterparts within 3 years from graduation and they report a better life quality due to working smarter – not longer. Our students have access to our MBA alumni network, the largest and most successful group of MBA graduates in the Czech Republic. This allows our students for building strong personal and professional networks that will help them attain their life goals with the help of like-minded individuals and companies.

Is the UNYP MBA right for you? Take a look at the concentration choices we offer:

The UNYP MBA Program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) and the Czech Association of MBAs (CAMBAS). The IACBE is an American professional accrediting body and the leader in outcomes-based programmatic accreditation in business education. The IACBE program provides continuous quality assurance for UNYP’s business programs.  

UNYP is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and UNYP is also a member of AACSB and CEEMAN, which we follow for the purpose of observing best practices in teaching business education in other regions of the world.

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