5 benefits of the international community at UNYP

The University of New York in Prague offers a unique study experience, in which you can obtain both American and European degrees right in the middle of Europe. UNYP’s central location, paired with programs such as Erasmus+ and Exchange, attracts students from across Europe, Asia, and even the Americas. As a result, the UNYP community is a melting pot of diverse cultures, worldviews, and opinions, all moderated by the common academic environment. Unlike traditional Czech universities where the student body consists mostly of local participants, at UNYP you can truly make friends from all over the world, resulting in many benefits that you might not know about. 


Study at UNYP to make friends from all over the world 


Reaching beyond your bubble 

You truly learn the most outside your comfort zone. While it is nice to surround yourself with childhood friends and family, growth comes through challenge. Expose yourself to new people and opinions, talk to people who oppose your own opinions – as a result, you will be more openminded and expand your horizons. Remember that the university is a safe environment, where you can express your opinions freely. This phenomenon is amplified to the max thanks to UNYP’s small classes (35 students max).  


Get a chance to travel to interesting destinations 

Meeting foreign friends opens doors to a whole new way to experience travel. International travel with a trusted local friend is fun, and you can get to know their culture from the inside. Take a weekend trip with your Dutch friend to Amsterdam, climb the Tatras with a Slovak classmate on your winter break, or enjoy the beaches of the Seychelles with your project partner from Victoria during your summer break. True UNYPers use their time as students to explore the whole world.  


Explore the Czech Republic with foreign friends 

Equally, you can use this opportunity to show your international friends the beauty of your own country. UNYP is proud to be located in a country with rich historical significance, and thanks to the convenient location of Prague, you can go for day trips every weekend. Explore UNESCO-listed cities, hike in the Czech mountains, or take a tour of medieval castles. Remember that students choose UNYP because of its location in the Czech Republic, so establish yourself as a desirable friend by showing them around.  


Get a taste of foreign traditions 

Thanks to our partner universities from the USA, a large number of American students come to UNYP every year, so now is your chance to experience an authentic Thanksgiving feast. At UNYP, your international classmates can introduce you to things you have only seen in movies and the media. Try mooncakes during the Lunar New Year with an exchange student from Vietnam, or get a taste of real caviar with a Russian expat.  


Get an edge in your future career path 

After graduation, the chances are that you will be working in a company with a worldwide reach, and you will be expected to work with team members from all around the world. UNYP graduates have learned to cooperate with diverse cultures and customs, so you will have a head start on your colleagues. An ability to cope with cultural differences and avoid faux pas is something that recruiters seek. Working well and feeling comfortable in an international environment makes you a desirable candidate.  


These are only a handful of the benefits that you can gain from the international environment at UNYP. The list goes on and on, and the best thing you can do is to seize all opportunities that are offered. Do not be shy about breaking out of your comfort zone to meet your classmates. Join UNYP clubs, participate in UNYP events and make friends – it is worth it! 

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