5 Prague music venues you need to know

Living in Prague and attending a multicultural university is an invaluable experience, whether you study Communication and Media, Business Administration or IT management. Your education plays a significant role in your future career, but so does your social and cultural experience as a student. By connecting with your UNYP peers, you can establish life-long friendships and potentially find future business collaborators – and what better way to connect and have some fun together than going to a live music gig?  Over the last few years, the Czech capital has become a global hub within Central and Eastern Europe, with world-famous artists and local talent performing all year round. From small underground clubs to bigger stages, we’ve put together a list of five live music venues you must check out while studying abroad in Prague

Five Prague music venues you need to know about


Address: Štěpánská 36, Prague 1

Down in the basement of the stylish, neon-lit Swim cafe and bar, you’ll find a dedicated space that’s perfect for loud live music. A relative newcomer to Prague’s club scene, Swim was opened in 2018 and combines local DJs with international guests. Swim’s carefully curated program combines drum and bass, hip-hop, house, and techno. 

Café V Lese

Address: Krymská 12, Prague 10

This 150-capacity venue in Vršovice has been at the forefront of eclectic and experimental music for the past decade. Located in the basement of the famous Cafe V Lese, this venue has a garage feel to it and is a perfect place to catch live music on a weekday – singing along with some classic Czech rockers one night, checking out an avant-garde post-punk band from Russia the next. Cafe V Lese is a venue that you’ll want to visit to hear something new and exciting, but they occasionally host more well-known bands as well.

Kasárna Karlín

Address: Prvního Pluku 2, Prague 8

A converted barracks site near Florenc station, Kasárna Karlín is a versatile arts venue, with slam poetry and cinema nights on the agenda as well as live music. The former garage area now hosts weekly concerts of international and local indie bands, and summertime shows take place in the courtyard beside the iron unicorn sculpture. During the day, Kasárna Karlín is a perfect place to hang out outside and enjoy the sunny weather. 

Retro Music Hall

Address: Francouzská 75/4, Prague 2

Retro Music Hall is just a few minutes away from the University of New York in Prague campus. While it doesn’t look all that special from the outside, you’ll find a riot of music within. RMH is a multi-genre space with EDM nights every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (featuring DJs such as San Holo, Tom Staar, Kill the Buzz, and Tujamo) and live concerts on other days of the week. 

MEET Factory

Address: Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Prague 5

Meet Factory is a cultural center down by the railway tracks, in the old industrial part of Smíchov. This fantastic venue holds up to eight concerts per month and promotes local and foreign artists who work in genres from Indie Rock to Psychedelic, Alternative Pop to Electronic. Beyond its massive concert hall, the industrial complex is home to a small theater and a visual arts gallery. 


Photo: Cafe V Lese, Carnival Youth concert 


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