5 Useful Habits to Start in College

Whether it’s pulling all-nighters, living on junk food or leaving your clothes on the floor, university years can be a time of accumulating bad habits. Of course, some of them can be fun for a while, and if you’re lucky, they’ll wear off after graduation. But what if you used your time at UNYP building some good habits? Habits that will make life easier once you graduate and join the workforce. 

Five useful habits to start while you are still studying at UNYP 

You might be receiving the best higher education in Prague, but some things must be learned outside of class. There is no one true path to a better life – by which we mean a smoother day-to-day experience, which is essential for focusing on your primary long-term goals, for example receiving your Master’s degree, or finding a job after graduation. By integrating these five simple habits in your life during your university years, you will be doing your future self a big favor.  After all, the most important person in your life is you. 

Own your mistakes

All of us make mistakes sometimes, and admitting our failures can be one of the most uncomfortable things to do. Failing an exam, slacking on a diet or keeping a promise, failing to meet your parents’ expectations – it is part of life. Don’t make the situation worse by trying to deny your mistakes or blame someone else. Show some courage and admit that you are wrong.  Taking responsibility for your actions deserves respect, and owning your mistakes makes you a stronger individual and a better professional. This habit is especially useful if you are considering a career in psychology because the chances of having to work with other peoples’ mistakes are very high in this field. 

Learn to enjoy being alone 

If Prague is not your hometown and you came here to study, you might experience homesickness for the first time in your life. There are many ways to get over feeling lonely when studying abroad. However, instead of continually creating distractions, you also could try to embrace the moment and turn it into a positive experience of enjoying the quiet. So when loneliness hits you, take a walk outside, grab a coffee and go to a park, explore the city and let your thoughts flow. Once you learn to enjoy being alone, you will naturally become more independent. 

Organize your space

Whether it’s just a working desk or your room in a student apartment, the habit of keeping your things in order could save you a lot of trouble.  Being able to find everything you need the moment you need it is very convenient when you are busy with your university life. If it is hard for you to put things in their place right away, you could start by finding time to straighten up once a week or every few days. Keep only the necessary items, and don’t forget to declutter. A clean and well-ordered room won’t make you feel distracted, which will be beneficial for your academic performance. 

Implement the 45/15 rule into your workflow

Whether you major in English Language & LiteratureIT Management or Marketing, as a student you have a lot of things to do every day, research papers, presentations, exams preparations. It’s always easy to slip into procrastination, but one way or another, those things have to get done. 

Try dividing every hour into 45 minutes of work and 15 minutes of break. Once this technique becomes a habit, you won’t even have to set an alarm. The great thing about planning your workflow like this is the possibility of taking your mind away from work without ending up wasting hours on the internet. 

Plan your budget 

The last and probably the most important habit to adopt is planning your budget. It’s great if you are naturally good with numbers or getting a degree in finance, but some of us have to learn it the hard way. Living in Prague on a student budget could be an excellent exercise for your future independent life. Remember that it’s better to overestimate your expenses, underspend and end up with a surplus. Create your budget for a month, semester or an academic year. If you are not sure of how much you usually spend every month, start recording your expenses in one of the cellphone apps such as Mint or Wally. This will help you to get a clear picture of your spending habits and handle your money differently.

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