8 Icebreakers for UNYP Orientation Day

Starting a major new project isn’t always easy, so your university orientation needs to be a smooth and positive experience. UNYP Orientation Days should be the perfect opportunity for you to learn about your program, the campus, and most importantly, meet your new classmates. It is the first day for everyone, so don’t be shy, make an effort, and introduce yourself to as many people as possible. 

With these icebreakers in hand, your semester at UNYP should be off to a great start!

Nobody wants to look silly in front of a new crowd, so we have picked 8 subtle ice-breaking games that could actually be useful. Our list of icebreakers includes introductory games that are perfect for Orientation, fun icebreakers for getting to know each other a bit better, and cooperative icebreakers designed to get you comfortable working in teams. Try them out and don’t be afraid to have fun – you’ll have plenty of time to show how serious you can be during the semester.  


Everyone’s name has a meaning and a story. Perhaps you were named after a relative, or a character from literature that your parents loved. Maybe you prefer to go by a nickname that your friends came up with in the past. This game encourages the participants to focus on each other’s names and create mental associations. Even if your story is not super exciting, there’s a better chance that your peers will remember your name from day one. 


You have two minutes to chat with the others in the group. Once the time is up, introduce yourselves one by one, and share one thing that you’ve learned about someone else in the group.


Form a circle with no more than 20 people. The first person says their name, major and the reason why they chose to attend the University of New York in Prague, the second person does the same, and so on until everyone has participated. Once you are done, you’ll have a better idea about which students will attend the same classes as you, and you’ll have learned something about each other’s motivation for continuing higher education in Prague. You will even know who joined UNYP as a Study Abroad student, and who is here for an entire program. 


This game is perfect for groups of 10 to 20 students. Line up according to your birthdays – but without saying a word, and without showing the dates on your phones. Once you are done, announce your birthdays one by one to check if your line is correct. 


Gather a group of 8 to 15 people and think of three clues that describe your country of origin (or the country where you’ve been living in most recently). Once everyone’s ready, have the first person present their three clues so that the group can guess where they’re from. The first student who guesses correctly (or close enough) goes next. 


This exercise works well both for small and large groups of people. Spend a few minutes scrolling through your Instagram photos and pick one picture you want to share with the group. Tell the story behind it and explain why you chose it. And since you’ve already opened the app, go ahead and follow each other, as well as the UNYP Student Council and UNYP profiles. 


Divide into small groups (3-5 people), and share three facts about yourself with the group: something Personal, something Professional and something Peculiar (a funny story, a habit, or a random fact about yourself). 


Last but not least!  Form a circle and try to build a story one word at a time without planning. You’ll be surprised at how the plot might unfold in just 15 minutes! 

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