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This year’s pandemic has created significant challenges for people and economies all over the world. The circumstances have put millions of people out of work, because unfortunately many jobs cannot be done from a home office. Of course, a lot of these jobs will come back once we overcome the crisis, but if you are at the point of considering your future career or looking into changing your current career, it certainly doesn’t hurt to consider which jobs are ideal for a home office. 

A few decades ago, the range of work-from-home professions was minimal, but a whole world of options are available in 2020. You can run businesses, operate a psychotherapy practice or provide marketing solutions for freelance clients. The beauty of working online is the flexibility. You can choose whether your office that day will be your kitchen table, your favorite coffee shop, a spot in a shared office space, or a lounge chair by the beach. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, the world is your oyster. 

The University of New York in Prague provides you with a set of skills that are marketable in the online job sector.

As with any other field, competition is intense. When you apply for a remote job, the candidate pool is huge – there will be applicants from all over the world. The higher your qualifications and the more languages you speak, the higher your chances of landing your dream job. We have put together a guide to the UNYP programs that will provide you with skills for online careers after you graduate, so read on for some insight into areas where you could work without being tied to the office. 


The financial industry has seen an increasing number of positions that allow for virtual work. You could become a day trader, holding stocks for a very short time, and making numerous trades every day. Successful day traders must be able to create a long-term trading strategy, and need to combine a profound understanding of financial markets with knowledge of analytical software. Alternatively, while a career as a financial writer is perhaps the least well-known option in the industry, there is constant international demand for professional and creative writers who can cover all sorts of industry-related topics. If you have analytical skills, extensive knowledge of the financial world and consider yourself a competent writer, this might be a good job to find. The minimum requirement for a career in finance is a Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Finance. After a few years of work experience, you might want to consider getting an MBA to increase your expertise and therefore your market value. 


There are many marketing jobs that can be performed remotely, especially in the digital marketing segment. If you’ve ever thought about a career in marketing, take a look at these options. If you have several years of experience, a proven track record of success, and possibly an MBA with a concentration in marketing, you could become a digital marketing consultant. This is a good role for flexible people with a high level of expertise, as companies rely on their knowledge to take their business to the next level. Alternatively, if you are tech-savvy and have a passion for marketing, look for product marketing manager roles. Candidates for product marketing manager positions must excel at promotional activities and communication, understand product positioning, and most importantly, create a balance between the company’s vision for the product and the needs of the clients. While you can become a product marketing manager for any product, tech startups are most likely to value virtual work. Startups will frequently consider hiring marketing professionals with a bachelor’s degree, as long as they have relevant experience. 

English Language & Literature 

Of all the degrees you can study, a degree in English Language & Literature might offer the widest variety of options for a virtual career. Freelance writers, translators, and proofreaders are in high demand, because nowadays all industries and companies rely heavily on content marketing. For example, if you combine your ELL degree with some interest or expertise in Politics or Business, you could consider becoming a professional speechwriter. You can begin by accumulating material to build up your writing portfolio before pitching to the clients. The beauty of a writer’s career path is the opportunity to apply your storytelling skills to literally every possible industry out there. A degree in ELL combined with one or more other languages could be a golden ticket to the world of professional translation. 

Communication and media 

Undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication will provide you with the necessary skills for careers in media and publishing, political campaign advising, creative direction, cultural advisory services, lobbying, advertising, public relations, and crisis communication. Of these career options, the one that is easiest to move online is that of the PR specialist. A PR specialist’s goal is to improve and maintain the public image of a public figure or a company, creating communication strategies for the client’s social media and public appearances, writing and correcting speeches, and monitoring the public response. You could also become a communications coach for businesses and private clients all over the world, offering online conference sessions. 


Last but not least, a Master’s degree in Psychology can set you up for a successful career in online counseling. Although different countries have different laws and regulations, it is a pretty universal rule that to receive a license, you must complete a graduate degree in psychology from an accredited university. It takes the same education and training to become an online counselor as an in-person counselor. However, it isimportant to realize that while online counselors can provide advice and guidance to clients, they cannot diagnose or treat mental illness. Most often, an online counselor offers support to their clients through real-time chats and video conferencing. 


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