How to Get to Bohemian Switzerland

Are you living in or traveling to Prague? Do you love mountains, nature, and are ready for a breathtaking adventure in the Northern Czech countryside?

Do I have the day trip for you. Let me show you Bohemian Switzerland.

Now that I’ve convinced you; let me show you how I got there. You can take a train from Praha Hl.n. (Prague Main Station) to Decin Hl.n (Decin Main Station) (149 czk~$7.50 one way) which is roughly an hour and a half journey north. Once you’re in Decin, you can walk around and see the small town until you catch the bus to Hrensko, a fairytale village hidden in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland. I would recommend finding the Visitor/Tourist information building and asking them when the next bus to Hrensko was. Don’t worry about making reservations, as you can pay a small 27 czk ($1.35) fee for the trip when you enter the bus. At the visitor center, we discovered the trail we wanted to get to was roughly 3km from the main Hrensko stop, so we rode the bus until the Hřensko Pravčická brána stop and began our hike.

The hike is not very strenuous and it even has railings to help you get up the trail. Do not, however, let this discourage you from taking this hike as you will find one of the most iconic rock bridge formations in all of Bohemian Switzerland at the top.

Breathtaking is one of the many words I would use to describe the top of the hike. It took me back to memories of hiking through the Rocky Mountains with my family and mountain adventures with my friends. It also was a wonderful new experience to hike in Bohemia. The park wasn’t overcrowded and after we all took plenty of photos and ate a picnic lunch under the stone bridge formation we headed back and walked roughly 3km from the base of the trail back to main Hrensko. A very helpful hotel receptionist showed us when the next bus to Decin was and we stopped into a local restaurant for a drink before the trip home.

Another 27 czk and we got of the bus right at Decin Main Station with plenty of time to catch our train and ride comfortably back into the city.

This day trip has been one of my favorite days so far since coming to Prague and it is a must if you are looking for adventure in the Czech Republic!

This blog post was provided by Personally Prague, a project for a marketing class at UNYP. 

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