Kickstarting smarter home security - a UNYP alum raises funding for Angee.

"A better way to protect homes."

Serial software entrepreneur Tomáš Turek, who completed his Bachelor’s  in Business Administration at University of New York in Prague in 2008, is in the process of raising funding for an innovative security and communication system which plans to change the way we protect, and connect-to, our homes. Funding for the system, called Angee, has mostly come from a very successful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign which raised over $125k in its first five days online. Campaign is currently still on, feel free to join and support it! 

Going beyond simply making homes safe, Tomáš' system provides autonomous, intelligent and communicative home security.  Angee allows users to monitor multiple rooms and places from different locations via one mobile app, using motion and proximity sensors that make monitoring human presence in a home more reliable than any other device on the market. A mounted camera turns 360 degrees to follow motion, anyone entering the home is identified at the door, and voice recognition is used as a secondary means of identification. On top of this all of the system’s information is stored in the cloud, and alerts are sent to your smartphone when necessary.

Tomas credits his time at UNYP for building his knowledge of running a business in todays global market, and says the contacts he made while studying were invaluable.

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