Student Spotlight: Adam Musil

Juggling an active professional career with university study is a challenging and admirable way of life. You might recognize our student Adam Musil in quite a different context – while Adam has just completed his first year at UNYP studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, he is also a professional hockey player for Bilí Tygři Liberec. Adam is a member of the Czech National Hockey Team too, and will be playing at the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship in Riga.


"UNYP students have a different outlook on life than hockey players, and they have opened my mind to think beyond my hockey career." Adam Musil


What do you like most about studying at UNYP?

I really enjoy the people – the teachers and the students that I work with. Everyone is very friendly, and brings a positive attitude each day. I also like getting to meet new friends outside my hockey community. UNYP students have a different outlook on life than hockey players, and they have opened my mind to think beyond my hockey career.


What has been your favorite class at UNYP and why?

So far, Principles of Management, because I got to learn about how big corporations work. It is very similar to a hockey team, where you have levels of management put in place. Everyone needs to do their job correctly for the team or corporation to be successful. 


What do you want to do with your university degree in the future?

As a sportsman, I started making money at a young age, but I did not know how to manage it properly, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to go to school and study finance in order get more of an understanding. I have always liked real estate, and it is something I would like to focus on after my hockey career is done. Managing money the right way and making myself and my family financially secure for the future has always been my dream, so I am very excited to be following my passion through UNYP.  


How do you balance studies with a professional hockey career?

Managing my hockey career with school studies has been challenging at times; however, I am doing this because I enjoy it, and I believe this experience will only benefit me in the future. The teachers and students have all been great to me, which has made studying easier.


What would you tell students who are thinking about joining UNYP?

I would recommend that all people learn what they are passionate about. When you do something with joy, you do not even notice the hard work and you do it automatically. UNYP offers a great environment which enables the students to achieve their goals – from all the staff members to the classrooms and libraries.


It is clear that Adam has a healthy mindset early in his career, and we believe he is on the right track to become a successful hockey player, and then a real estate entrepreneur. At UNYP, we pay a great deal of attention to sports: we actively support ambitious athletes by providing a Sports Management concentration business degree, which is tailor-made for students who want to get into the business side of sports.

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