UNYP MBA innovates Management Education with G.R.O.W. to Flow

“The MBA of the University of New York in Prague is re-inventing Management education”, says Juwana Jenkins, EMCC accredited Senior Practitioner Coach and leader of the innovative coaching program GROW to Flow.

UNYP helps MBA students set smarter goals related to issues and challenges they face at work.

In today’s digital world, any kind of management information is available immediately at the press of a button. What is missing, however, is the opportunity for students to co-design their learning, so they can benefit at work from the practical application of the wisdom they discover in the classroom with experienced MBA teachers. 

With this in mind, we recognized a moment to innovate. “Moving away from the traditional assumption that faculty play the “sage on the stage”, we are taking a step forward with a newly designed coaching program that is fully customized to the professional needs of each student,” says Juwana Jenkins, an experienced coach.

Using the most robust coaching frameworks and targeted tools and models from our MBA classes, we help our students set personal SMARTER goals related to issues and challenges they face at work. Our students regularly meet in groups of three with the coach at times convenient for them during the week. In the coaching sessions, they discuss their progress towards meeting their goals and are guided to find the best strategies to improve their performance with optimism, lead their teams with inspiration and handle change with confidence.

When asked about what lies behind the title G.R.O.W. (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) to Flow, Juwana Jenkins replied: “We help our students discover and build on their strengths through coaching. They practice the process of learning how to grow their competence through using their strengths and course concepts to manage challenges at work. They experience flow, feeling highly focused and engaged, as they work to make their visions for themselves, their teams, their organizations and their clients a reality.”

“Helping our students create the conditions themselves for this state of excellence at work is what this coaching is about”, highlights Juwana. She goes on to say, “The feedback after the first coaching sessions, based on identifying strategies to deal with resistance to change, has been outstanding. The students appreciate the interaction they have between themselves in their groups and the coach; they learn from each other and are now better prepared to face ambiguity at work.”

The next topic on the coaching agenda is how to motivate and inspire teams during turbulent times!

The seven-month series of coaching sessions continue throughout the first half of the MBA program. 

UNYP MBA is one of the most progressive MBA programs in the Czech Republic. Our concentrations include ManagementEntrepreneurshipFinanceMarketingGlobal Business Services. The UNYP MBA Programs are accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) and the Czech Association of MBAs (CAMBAS). At this moment, you can still enroll in any UNYP MBA Program until January 7th, 2022.

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