What to do on a rainy summer day in Prague?

Summer 2021 in Prague has been rainy and stormy. However, there are still a lot of things to do and see when the weather is not cooperating – and if you live near the UNYP Campus in Vinohrady, the choices are almost limitless.

Staying at home is always an option, but you should not miss out on all that the city has to offer, especially if you are studying abroad in Prague.

The world on your plate

You have probably tried Czech food by now. Love it or hate it, it will be here for your whole stay, and you can come back to it any time. A more adventurous option is to explore Prague’s international cuisine. You don’t even need to leave Vinohrady to taste Mexican, Japanese, Georgian, Belgian, French, Italian, American, Chinese, and Vietnamese food. A few of our favorites that you can find near UNYP: Las Adelitas, Bruxx, Polévkárna, Marty’s Kitchen, Cafefin, Grosseto, Bon.

Get fit and have fun

Going to the gym might feel repetitive (even if you use the free gym membership provided by UNYP) but there are so many other sports. Swim some laps in the pool (also provided for free by UNYP), challenge a friend to a badminton match or an intense table tennis set. There are more options in Olšanka sportovní centrum, which is only an 8-minute tram ride from UNYP. 

If you want a less physical competition, we recommend visiting an escape room with a group of friends, such as Questerland in Vinohrady. You can also check out Harlequin in Vršovice for an afternoon of bowling, laser tag, pool and foosball. 

Indulge in culture

Too many people in Prague see the sights but forget about the rest of Prague’s cultural scene – museums, exhibitions and expos. Check out the National Museum at Muzeum metro station, or play with the exhibits at the Technical Museum. Artsy people can lose themselves for hours in DOX, the center for contemporary arts, and the National Gallery in Letná always has intriguing exhibitions. Our top tip is to check out Prague’s quirky independent cinemas such as Bio Oko, Aero, Světozor and Kino pilotů. They are way more charming than huge multiplexes, and they always offer a selection of interesting movies beyond the latest flicks. You can stop by our Students Affairs office for more recommendations.

Buy something nice

We believe there is no shame in shopping. The closest shopping malls to the UNYP campus are Palac Flora (Flora metro station) and Palladium (Náměstí Republiky), but the biggest shopping malls are found on the outskirts, and can be conveniently reached with public transport. You can also look for small, local vendors online, most of which have physical shops in the city center. Ikea can be a good place to hide from the rain, as you can spend the whole afternoon there. Bad weather is a good opportunity for shopping, because when the sun comes out, you won’t want to spend time in the mall. 

The best thing to do during a wet summer – or in wintertime – is to combine all of the above. A good workout in the morning, check out a museum in the early afternoon, then some shopping, and finally games and dinner with friends. And when it is sunny outside in summer, we recommend staying outside, or combining these with outdoor activities. We believe Prague is one of the best and safest student cities you can live in. Use the Student Affairs office for tips, and the UNYP benefit program to save some money while living your best student life.  

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