How social media changes our perception of reality

Lona Moutafidou teaches the courses “Poetry and Psychoanalysis” and “Trauma Narratives” at UNYP. Lacan’s mirror stage theory, briefly discussed in this article, forms part of the theoretical components of the “Poetry and Psychoanalysis” syllabus. How does an ancient philosophical allegory intersect with a psychoanalytic concept from the 1960s? How could this inform social media usage? […]

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How your online persona can help you to secure a job after graduating from UNYP

These days, all hiring managers look at the social profiles of candidates before making hiring decisions – but they aren’t just looking for obvious cases of bad behavior! In addition, they want to make sure that what they find online reflects well on the candidate as a potential employee. You need to stand out on […]

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Participatory art projects turn viewers into co-creators

I would like to introduce my readers to art projects that involve the audience in one way or another. Such participatory projects have been gaining more and more ground; we live in times of great social, humanitarian, political, and environmental challenges, and artists have an important role to play in bringing these challenges to the […]

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UNYP launches new MA in Strategic Communications in collaboration with the University of Bolton

After almost two years of research, careful planning, and collaborative work, UNYP is proud to officially launch a new MA in Strategic Communication, together with the University of Bolton.  If your plans for this academic year have changed due to the decreasing flexibility of travel options, or your employment possibilities have changed, and you are wondering what to do […]

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Great news for UNYP partner: the University of Bolton leaps 36 places in the 2021 Guardian league tables

UNYP is the Czech Republic’s largest and most prominent English-speaking higher education institution. Over 800 students from over 60 countries and an international group of instructors form a diverse educational community. Our faculty, many of whom are native English speakers, currently number 125 professors and lecturers from over 25 countries. UNYP is proud of its […]

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5 reasons why you need a master’s degree in 2020

While a master’s degree is a serious investment, there are many benefits to pursuing one, including  the potential to facilitate career changes, increase your earning potential, and gain useful industry contacts and connections. Master’s degrees in spheres such as International Management, Communications, and Psychology are highly-regarded by employers. A graduate degree is essential for professional roles such as a clinical psychologist, financial analyst, global marketing manager, and creative director, and for many other career paths, it […]

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Future-proof: Communication, Media and Careers

One of the great lessons for career advisors in the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2007-9 was the recession-proof nature of the communications and media industries. Will this be true of the Great Recession of 2020-2021?  Day in and day out, we watch our screens in horror as unemployment figures rise around the globe, […]

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UNYP announces the top 3 nominees for Alumni of the Year 2020

The University of New York in Prague has always been incredibly proud of our alumni. Every year we celebrate their achievements, and acknowledge and reward an alumnus or alumna with the Alumni of the Year Award. Our dynamic community of more than 3,000 alumni has made a significant impact around the world in business, politics, science, and […]

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UNYP’s Rector on transferring to the University of New York in Prague from a different university

There are thousands of ambitious Czech students who dream of studying in the US, and might now think that the pandemic has ruined their plans. But all is not lost; although these students have seen their study abroad plans interrupted, they still have the opportunity to receive an authentic American education without leaving the Czech […]

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Professor Spotlight: Dr. Michaela Slusareff

The faculty of the University of New York in Prague participates in collaborative scientific ventures all over the world. Our educators are visionaries and thought pioneers who provide exceptional instruction, and their research informs their teaching, brings imaginative concepts into the classroom, and motivates UNYP students to achieve the highest results.  Dr. Michaela Slussareff teaches sociology […]

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