Is studying abroad for you?

Why study abroad in Prague? For many young people, studying abroad offers a unique opportunity to travel overseas for an extended period as part of their education. Relocating to the Czech Republic – or anywhere else – for a semester is an excellent chance to see a new part of the world, experience an unfamiliar culture, and travel, without taking a break from your university degree. 

Studying abroad at UNYP could be your first step to becoming a citizen of the world! 

All of our students (whether they study Business AdministrationCommunication & MediaInternational RelationsPsychology, or IT Management), face new responsibilities during their semester in Prague. They learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyleplan a budget, or even prepare their own meals. Studying abroad is not for everyone – only those who are willing to take responsibility for themselves should apply. 

Are you ready for a challenge? 

You may have heard people say that nothing worth doing is easy – and studying abroad is no exception. A semester in Prague comes with unique challenges, which form an inherent part of the study abroad experience. You may be concerned about leaving your home and family for an adventure in a new city, a new country, perhaps even a new continent. Studying abroad makes you step out of your comfort zone both figuratively and literally, but with the challenges come rewards. After all, if you can travel abroad to successfully study and live on your own, you can do anything! 

How well do you know yourself? 

Throwing yourself into a completely new environment is the ultimate test in self-reliance. Your semester abroad will help you identify and define your personal strengths and weaknesses. Traveling abroad by yourself will push you to become more confident and grow as a person, and living independently will boost your problem-solving skills like nothing else. In addition, studying abroad in Prague offers you the opportunity to explore many new activities that you might never have tried at home. You might discover that you have a talent for floorball,  develop a passion for hiking or take up travel photography. 

Can you get over homesickness?

When you study abroad, the first couple of days are full of excitement. You will be busy meeting new people at Orientation Week, having fun on the adaptation trip and getting used to your student housing. But after the euphoria is gone, the homesickness kicks in.  You will miss everyone back home, and you might question your decision to apply to the program in the first place. Good news, you are not alone! Many of your new classmates may be in the same boat and would be happy to share their feelings. Don’t forget that you can always Skype with your family and keep them posted about your adventures.  Imagine how much harder it was to study abroad before the Internet! 

Are you keen on gaining a global mindset?

Studying abroad offers the unique opportunity to grow and learn from a completely different perspective. People from different cultures interact with the world in different ways. With students and faculty from over 60 different countries, studying at UNYP will not only broaden your outlook on the world but will inform your point of view about your home culture. 

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