UNYP hosts the 4th International High School MUN Conference

The Model United Nations is one of the University of New York in Prague’s longest-standing student societies. MUNYP emerged from the initiative of students interested in International Relations and current global political issues. The International High School Model UN conferences organized by MUNYP motivate high school students to overcome their fear of public speaking, practice their soft skills, and expand their knowledge about global issues outside their study program, while providing opportunities to travel and make new friends with shared interests from all over the world. Active participation in Model United Nations looks good on high school students’ future university applications, no matter which program they are interested in. The learning and leadership experiences acquired at Model UN are not only valuable for International Relations students, but for Communication and Media and Business Administration students as well. 

Model UN is your first step into the global arena!

Over the years, MUNYP has developed into a platform where students can practice their diplomacy, negotiation, critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and research skills. In 2017, MUNYP organized their first Model UN conference for high school students – the only conference of its kind for English-speaking students in the Czech Republic. This year, with support from the University of New York in Prague, MUNYP was able to host its 4th International High School Model United Nations Conference from the 25th to the 27th of January, 2020. During the three-day conference, students were able to participate in presentations, meetings, and debates, and had the opportunity to become familiar with the bodies and the inner workings of the United Nations. This year we welcomed more than 100 students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as a broad international delegation from Austria, Bangladesh, Germany, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Russia, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom. 

The 2020 conference was officially opened at the theater of Prague’s Municipal Library, with presentations from distinguished guest speakers, including H.E. Said Hindam (Ambassador of Egypt), Óscar Hidalgo-Redondo (Dean of School of International Relations at UNYP), as well as Magdalena Leimerova (Sustainability and Communications Lead, Unilever CRSR) and Denisa Zidekova (Mars, Brand Manager for Central Europe). 

H.E. Said Hindam (Ambassador of Egypt) delivered a powerful speech about climate change followed by a Q&A session. His Excellency discussed the upcoming challenges caused by global warming, elaborated on the measures which need to be taken by the international community, and talked about Egypt’s national strategy for adaptation to climate change and disaster risk reduction. During the following days of the conference, the delegates joined the MUNYP organizers for lively debate sessions at UNYP. This year’s major topic was “Global governance and its international effects,” with four sub-topics: “Crisis in Yemen,” “Rising US-Iran Tensions,” “Is Ecotax a Viable Solution to the Environmental Situation,” and “Outer Space Security – Global Regulation of the Weaponization of Space.”

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